It’s been a while since I had a new post. I continued to write from time to time but things just kept coming up. I’ve read many “rules” that say to make it a priority and not let anything invade your writing time. Maybe its that simple for some.
Maybe I just don’t set writing up high enough on the priority list. I don’t know. But all that is not really what this post is about.
I have been thinking about purpose and passion a lot lately, in multiple aspects of my life. My measure for this virtuous activity is the concept of flow. I have tried to find those times where I forget about the clock. The times when I look up and it is hours past when I thought it would be. Times when I am so absorbed by what I’m doing I miss meals and don’t realize it because my energy is being refilled by the act itself.
Writing is just one of those activities. So is listening to someone’s story in my other career. But there are other moments turned hours that are equally of value. Playing at the park with my children or listening to a new music album or cuddled on a couch for the latest crime drama with my wife.
So rules are good. The idea of having inspiration catch you at your desk is great. But sometimes inspiration is less important than the experience away from the desk. Sometime flow matters more than word count. I want to get swept away with life – all off it – real or imagined or the wonderful mix of the two.
So I will continue to write from time to time but chose to live and experience always.
What are your thoughts on flow and writing? And are you a rule breaker or a rule setter?