IMG_0004The Characters Psyche is being revamped. I hope followers from before will stick around on this new adventure.

More pages (tabs) will be up later in the year with links to creative works and such, and another will be a links page to things I like or find helpful or works of friends I’ve met.

As to the Suspending Belief title, there is more info on the pleased to meet you page. The gist though is that I am trying to go off of auto-pilot ~ wake up ~ be aware ~ and do things with intention rather than by tradition.

My posting schedule will be far more consistent than the previous incarnation. Look for new posts each Monday by either stopping by or signing up for email notifications or whatever method you prefer. Later I may ask for your email for a list so I can send out newsletters and other specialized content for those who want.

I hope you have a fabulous adventure this year (ones to match the fables of old).


hanks as always. 

 With civility ~ Brian