There’s a new name for this site, representing the new path I have been traversing for a while now. It comes from being more contemplative, making choices based on value, and questioning the hell out of just about everything.

The hardest part of this is to turn the gaze of pondering round on myself and what makes me up. There is a great TED video {Julian Baggini} about this idea of self and how we go about “who am i” could be off target. It challenges the very idea of there even being a “me” as we typically think of it. (fyi I watch and therefore will share more TED videos than may be healthy, but they have been part of my journey to living with more intention and inquiry)

So part of gist is that we are made up of our subjective experiences ~ in part the beliefs we hold. The new title of this outlet for my thoughts is Suspending Beliefs. This is the active process of challenging the world view – the filters of how the world is interpreted. By putting on hold (suspending) what we think and feel about circumstances (belief) it opens up the possibility of looking at things I a different way.


Different is not good or bad necessarily – just different. And actually the judgement of good or bad hasn’t been all that helpful in my experience (both with this endeavor and on a more general basis). If there are judgments to be made – and face it we’re human so we are always making decisions and assimilating the novel into the record of experience – better or worse and helpful or not have had more use for me.

While the point of the exercise is not to change any belief in a certain way for a specific person, it is about opening a dialogue about what we believe and whether the belief can hold up under the scrutiny of examination.

Now if you are reading this and saying “but brian, isn’t that just your belief that we should be questioning beliefs”? then my response is this ~ “yes”. It is my belief the questioning of what we think and feel is worthwhile. I have tried the other route and it left me unfulfilled and unhappy. It doesn’t work for me. If it does for you then I am happy you have discovered a path to meaning and happiness.

I do hope you will continue to read about my journey, but I know this isn’t for everyone. I’m ok with that. Find other things which are useful for you.

And now the continued questioning of me ~ not me as the owner of my knowledge, feelings, thoughts (belief) but as the culmination of those bits. The whole is comprised of the parts. By asking and looking I hope to upgrade (grow) by accumulating better and more helpful parts and repairing or exchanging the worn out or unhelpful ones. I’m constructing a better reality for me here and it’s fun as hell most of the time.

For those who have followed for a while, I hope you’ll stay with the changes. I think there will still be ways to apply what I share to a writing life and the development of characters. If nothing else you can watch my personal character development unfold.

So here is what I leave you with … what do you accept as truth in your life without question, and what stops you from questioning it?

Thanks as always.

With civility ~ Brian