The search for meaning is one of the core drives of being human. And the earlier proponent of will to meaning was Viktor Frankl. His life story is one of triumph and well worth the research.

Here’s a video of him speaking about the idea of crabbing (the technique of adjusting to the wind so you end up at your destination when flying a plane). Not sure how many of you have flown a plane, but most everyone has walked into a head wind.

Now being of a Nebraska background I can vouch for one thing we do well and that is wind. At times you can (and have to) lean into the wind at a steep angle or risk being blown to an impromptu visit with your neighbor down wind.

Crabbing is a bit like that lean. It is adjusting the angle to get where you want to go.
Now in the video you saw Frankl do what great story tellers and helpers of people do often, use metaphor to make a point. And we can’t do much better than the point he makes when it comes to how to interact with our co-inhabitants – really the world in general. “If we treat man as he could be…”

worthWhat a concept. What a different way to believe. The norm is to treat people as they are – or worse. And yet we expect them to improve or perform or grow. But how can they develop faith in their growth – their very worth – if we do not first have it in them.

I have worked with many people who have lost (or never had) the sense of their value. They treat themselves as they have been treated. In essence they sell themselves short at every opportunity. They view every endeavor as destined to fail. They view life as destined to fail.

And I say they, but I mean me. Not as I am, but as I could be. As I will be. It is an act of suspending the belief that all I am is a failure, a fake, a waste {basically a POS}. And some days the world seems bent to make it an impossible task. But those days are when embracing the possible me (while comforting the current me) is so important. Those are the days for crabbing. Those are the days for leaning into the onslaught of negativity and stepping forward.

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast.”    Lewis Carroll

What if the impossible things you chose to believe were:

1 ~ people are doing the best they can with the skills they have
2 ~ when they learn better skills they will do better
3 ~ everyone has worth and value (whether you or they see it)
4 ~ more kindness never made a situation worse
5 ~ dreams come true (chase them rather than running from the nightmares)
6 ~ today is the best day of your life (even if you haven’t figured out why)

The leave off for today is to look for the potential of the people you meet, the world surrounding you, and most important the potential of the person you see in the mirror. How many impossible things could you accomplish today if you suspend all the negative thoughts and beliefs you hold about the person you are? Embrace your greatness. Celebrate what is right.

Thanks as always.

With civility ~ Brian