I co-wrote a book about mental fitness, with my way wiser than me wife. One of the key parts has to do with this idea of well being, something bandied about and brimming with jargon.

So we wanted to find some common ground from a variety of resources. We took ideas from counseling, management, philosophy and others, and focused in on what seemed to be 5 basic aspects. This isn’t to say there may not be more, and you may certainly want to phrase them different or choose something else, but these are what I’d like you to consider for today.

5 Aspects of Well Being


The aspect of Security includes the basic needs of shelter, food, water, and anything else that keeps a body going. These needs are those that if a person goes without for a short period of time, their physiological health decreases significantly.

Another part of Security is feeling and being safe. This is a matter for the person to decide, but if we remain in heightened states of alertness for danger, it takes away from our ability to see anything else. If we can work to engineer a safe environment, then we can go about the business of developing our sense of well being.


The aspect of Freedom relates to a person’s ability to make decisions. We have a higher sense of well being when we have input into the course of our lives.

When we exercise our freedom, we advocate for ourselves. We find our voice and we begin to speak up for what we want, for what we believe in. We choose to stand up for our values and to better represent our status.wellbeing


We all move toward building meaning into our lives. Purpose focuses on what makes our existence important.

. When we are engaged in a passionate pursuit we experience a bend in the way we experience time. This is commonly known as flow, and people experience it when they are living out their purpose.


We are each in a relationship with the people around us. We are connected in an expansive web to others. The aspect of Connection focuses on our sense of belonging and inclusion within the network of our relationships.

Our well being improves when we make choices to strengthen our relationships. We can do this by demonstrating empathy, and we all have the skills to nurture others.


What is the true value of a person? Many people are given the idea they only have Worth if they do as someone with more power or authority says.

This leads to the false belief that our Worth is tied to the opinions of others and so our well being is placed on a roller-coaster ride that often ends in despair, because others are practiced at pointing out our faults. It is equally unhealthy to tie our Worth to the praise we get for actions. It reinforces the same concept that the thoughts of others determines our value. Praise is like candy, gobble up too much of it and it will make you sick.

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