It’s  fascinating the number of things we walk by (or through) every day without giving them more than the slightest bit of attention. A scrap of paper on the ground, trees, rocks, changes in lighting, doors, people ~ I could keep going. Now I’m not saying we’re always wandering around completely oblivious, and certainly there is something upstairs regeresting what is happening in the outside world. 

The same could be said for what’s going on inside us too. We don’t often fully experience our thoughts or emotions or physiology or whatever. It’s like we have some “thing” happen and we run away. I know I have trouble sometimes reining in my ability to attend to the myriad sensations and observations. 

Let me introduce you to what I call the Threshold Game. This is something covered Psi-Fit as one of the practices to build up mental fitness and is one of the experiments I have encouraged clients to try. The concept is simple, pick a cue that happens multiple times a day, and then attach an intention or affirmation or focus to it. 

As you might guess from the name of the game, my go-to for this is the common doorway (sometimes to include arches and such) that I pass through a bunch of times a day. It doesn’t have to be a door though, just some external cue that happens each day multiple times. If you drive around a lot, maybe it is at each red light you’re stopped by, or certain types of cars you pass. Maybe it is each time you hear a certain word, or see someone wearing a hat. 


 For me doors work. Now the next step after picking a trigger is to pick a target. These could be character traits you want to build ~ I am patient or I am kind. It could be just taking a deep breath or two. Maybe your focus is to do a body or emotion scan to check in with how you’re doing. Could be you want to remind yourself of a goal or value or to simply be grateful for something that happened since the last cue. 

The game is to see how many times you can bring your attention back around to what is really important to you. So pick one thing (either one of the suggestions above or even better one of your own) and keep it as the target for at least a week. 

So a question my challenge acceptors usually ask is whether they will have time for much of anything else. The answer is yes. Most of these take no more than a few seconds (it’d be great if we could take more than 20 seconds for each one but every little bit works too). There is also the part about how often you’ll just walk through the door without noticing, like you have pretty much every other time. I’m not concerned with how often we miss the cue. Just that we remember when we remember. 

So join me in a little Threshold Game and if you feel like sharing your target please do. Let’s see if what is in the other side of the door is a better self. My focus for this week will be “I choose to be an advocate”. 

Thanks as always,

Witty civility ~ Brian