We live complicated lives. My life has been complicated. Not necessarily bad, though I can point out some bad, sad, regretful times. Complicated though is a near constant it seems. Rushing from moment to moment without the barest recognition.

Usually it’s business as usual.

Except when it isn’t.  When stumbling into serendipity … solace … serenity.

Simple is my serenity. Elegant and easy.

Well not so easy it seems most days. Rarely easy in fact and so I started wondering about why this is. Why is simple seldom easy. And is there a way to uncomplicate things. Is it possible that the reason things are so hard is me? And if it is me, why can’t I just stop? Why do I return to the complicated, the inelegant, the clunky? Why can’t I seem to just breathe? Just move? Just love? Just be?

Do I have to put so many things into now that I miss the moment completely? Can I make life simple enough that it becomes easy? (And what is going on with all the questions?)

My calm comes in flashes. It strikes when what I’m doing lines up with what is of highest value at the time. Sometimes this is family or work or writing or washing dishes or walking or just sitting. Sometimes it happens I can’t even name the priority being met.

 It doesn’t come when whatever I’m doing is in conflict with my priorities though. Then I’m interrupted. Diverted from the path or task. And that is the complication and dissatisfaction I feel. That’s when I find myself shoved I front of the bull.

So knowing my values is a good starting point to find peace. And knowing those, making more choices in that direction and disallowing as many distractions as possible. In doing so I can shine a light on that bull(y) in my head telling me what I should do. Maybe I can dehorn the critter or realize he’s just a figment anyhow. Dilemmas are just one of the barriers I create to living out my values.

I choose to engage serenity in my life. And to do this I have to live and think in a way that aligns what is important to me with what I’m doing. Acting and being running parallel so to speak. Simple and easy if I let it be.

So, what is your serenity and do is finding it simple and easy or a constant and complicated struggle?