Have you ever noticed how some people treat life like it’s a chore? It’s usually those strange creatures called adults. And woe are the days I pretend to be one of those sad beings and forget what life really is…adventure.

I got to spend a great weekend with two brave adventurers (my kids) going to the Omaha Children’s Museum and the Lincoln Children’s Zoo. Being around them in new places of that caliber awakened this sense of how important it is how we approach life. My wife joined us for the zoo after her own adventure in the morning. I can say they come by their reach-for-the-stars (or skink) spirit naturally. I love watching them interact and inspiring each other.

IMG_0062The energy of those places was vibrant. Mentally I compared it with my various work places over time and found them to be lacking. My energy in those places reflects that they are work. But I long to spend more time in play. I want to explore and take unexpected paths that present themselves. I want to change tasks and create and be amazed.

I have some friends who recently flew across an ocean and are discovering fabulous worlds under French skies. I have to say I am a bit jealous; my wanderlust is summit-like. But vicariously we can all share in their experience as they share their stories about when women roam.

And then I remembered that adventure is more about attitude and less about latitude. Vacation for some is its own kind of chore. Travel for others is routine, mundane, or a burden. They treat it all like work, just another task or box to check.

And plenty of others are intrigued by their own back yard. They find adventure in doing anything. My kids can make a game of cleaning up. They tell stories and immerse themselves in the world, in life. They live. And I want to be alive. Humming with anticipation of what is happening.

Are you ready for an adventure? I know I am.

As always,

With civility ~ Brian