There are vampires everywhere. Sucking us dry and leaving us empty shells. And I fear some of them are actually sparkly. And some are beautiful. And they sneak up on us like the mist. Bad thing is they don’t only come out at night. And hunting them down and slaying them can be an epic quest.

Now the vampires I’m talking about here aren’t necessarily after our blood, but they are after our life force. They are after our energy. And they need to be hunted.

We only have a certain amount of energy and focus and attention. We all know what it is like to be running on fumes, empty, exhausted. There isn’t enough coffee in the world to keep you up and get that report done. Let alone do it to any resemblance of your normal quality level.

And as we go about our day there are myriad baddies out there ready to leech off us. Some are minor, innocuous even. The car ahead of you that won’t respond to the green light or the well meaning person that wants to show you just one more picture of their pet iguana in argyle sweater. 

But each one drains you just a bit. And if they do it at the end of a trying day, you maybe can’t hold back from blaring your horn. Or hold your tongue about how lizards remind you of demon spawn and how argyle may be the worst fashion trend in the world…ever.


IMG_0070There are bigger life suckers too. Unrealistic demands, or realistic ones presented without purpose. There are tragic events. There are sick family members or lay-off scares or people ready to solve any problem with violence.

There is media and being plugged in and advertisements and shopping isles with 20 different brands of essentially the same item all claiming to be the best, each drawing fractions of attention and energy from you. It’s a pack of brightly colored and enticing life-suckers. The news feeds us fear and villian-centered stories and eats our spirit.


Now is the time to go hunting vampires. Question what is leaving you soulless, passionless, void of life at the end of each day. And then shove a pointed stick into its heart. Or if that is impractical (because there are too many damn pointy sticks to choose from at the local mega-store) then how about we set some limits on those time-sucks and energy-sucks and attention-sucks.

Today, check in with yourself, stop every once in a while and ask: Is this energizing and engaging, or exhausting and euthanizing?

Then, do more of the former and less of the latter and see if you have a bit more patience with the daydreaming driver in front of you.

Thanks as always.

With civility ~ Brian