I saw this video online a while back. It was about our basic emotions and the cause of them. First up was the feeling of rage and its cause is being thwarted. Now that isn’t a word we hear much anymore (maybe cause it’s a bit of a mouthful) but that feeling is possibly more present than ever. 

With the ever expanding wants and needs we are expected to have, I can imagine it is a feeling that is disappearing. And it is certainly a good descriptor of one of my struggles recently. It plays out in everyday obstacles. And while I do my best to frame them as opportunity or challenge, in the moment they are simply blockades in my imagined smooth rough to destiny. 

The moments of seething and simmering rate in the past month have been numerous. And the hardship of dealing with me and my disregulated emotional storms has been passed on to anyone I’ve been in contact with, most especially at home and with co-workers. (apologies in abundance and your tolerance is limitlessly appreciated)

When caught in traffic my son always yells out to the cars ahead of us, “move cow.”  I feel lately like I am stuck behind a herd and choking on the dust. I guess it’s time to take for higher ground and clearer air. ‘Cause my son isn’t always there to give me the perspective jolt I need to laugh at the cows in the road of life. Or to appreciate the slower pace they force me to take. 

So here is to the correct label of my current experience – being thwarted – and to finding the pause in between obstacle to breath a little easier. What are the things that thwart you, and how do you manage to get away from the herd?

Thanks as always,

With civility ~ Brian