so more than a year ago, when posting infrequently to this blog (different name back then), I talked about the use of a pen over the use of a keyboard for the act of writing. It was a pretty good post and felt it needed to be revisited.

What I said then is still true for me. I think I’m better when using a pen and even more so with a fountain pen.

The pen in the photo is a gift from my wife about ten years ago. It has mainly been set up on a bookshelf hiding out in its case for that time. Waiting. A few feeble attempts at use here and there and many kind thoughts of some future time of using it. But nothing – until recently.

I am now ready (I think) to take up the responsibility inherent in the craft. Or maybe I just like the way ink flows from the nib. So what is your opinion on using pens for creative works?

I’ve read a few different articles about the benefits of writing in general for mental health, and specifically about how writing by hand can be even better for brain function and emotional well being. I still am somewhat undecided on this, but lean toward agreeing with it.

On a more practical point I think writing (and being able to read) the written word still holds value. Documents from the past seem to read differently when seen in original or copy than they do when typed out. It’s more intimate. And maybe that is what I was balking at with regard to the beautiful pen that was bought for me. My writing just wasn’t ready for the commitment.

If you have never tried a fountain pen before I suggest giving it a go. See how the words flow and let me know what you think in the comments.

Thanks as always,

With civility ~ Brian.