Today is a big day. As this is posted to the world my oldest child is starting kindergarten. We have been revving up for this for with the purchasing of supplies and visiting the school…and it is all a bit bittersweet.

Big days tend to be that way. The joy of it and the sadness that nothing will be the same again. Happy tears.

And so looking at things as best days and worst days seems to not accurately describe the true experience…my experience anyway.

Best days and worst days are opinion…chatter of the mind trying to rank and rate everything. Static that ends up with me missing something…something important…like a little shy wave and a beaming look of pride from my growing up daughter.

Today is – and it is amazing for sure. And more so because I don’t have to lump it into a little box of best or great or sad or anything else. It can be more than one thing.

imageWe are so often taught that something can only be one thing. That it has to either/or. But so much of life is about the ands. This and that…and that other thing.

I have been trying more to accept all the ands (ifs have their place along with buts). I can feel this and do this. This can be true and this opposite remain true as well.

Experience isn’t exclusionary in the way we have been told. It is far more accommodating – inclusive.

So today is a multitude of parts and I won’t limit the complexity of my experience by saying it is the best (it is momentous though).

Thanks as always,

With civility ~ Brian