While there are certainly basic needs that if left unmet will create a sense of deprivation, for the most part the experience of lacking or fulfillment is based on belief.

People have mansions with mountains of things. They feel they need more.

I need less…stuff.

It was a big weekend of projects. Cleaning up and sorting out what still has value and what could be more useful in other homes – demonstrate its value for someone else now.

Removing the clutter had two major effects quickly noticed in my home:

The co-creations settled into a place of calm and engagement. The space allowed for movement, dance, freedom, racing, building – play. Fewer disagreements. Better listening. More external peace.

The second was more internal peace. Less distraction. Less busy. Less pressure. That isn’t to say nothing happened or it was boring. There were many things occurring including spontaneous moments of fun with the co-s, better conversation, increased connectedness. More sitting. More considering. More meaning and value to the experiences as a whole.

The shift from feeling deprived to experiencing abundance has more to do with how one thinks, the viewpoint of their circumstances they choose to adopt. Being able to clear the distractions, and evaluate the worth of our environments leads to a clearer vision. It allows us to see what we already have. This changes our feeling, our attitude about our lives.

What are you waiting for? Fulfillment is a thought away. Go find yours.

Thanks as always.

With civility ~ Brian