In the spring there was a blog about 5 aspects of wellbeing. This is the promised follow up with material from the book Psi-Fit I hope you find it valuable.
There are 5 Core Functions of a fit mind: Do It Now – Habitual Excellence – Focal Shift – Conserving Resources – Pulling Strings.


Do It Now: Each time we encounter a task we have the option to either do it or put it off. By putting things off in a consistent manner we create traps. These traps limit our potential for spontaneity, fun, happiness, and satisfaction. The key to the freedom we seek is by embracing the idea of being present. There is no moment but now. Now is unfolding into the future and it will do so in the direction of our choice.


Habitual Excellence: When we practice we become better. The heart of this function  is to practice until we are better. This may seem daunting. We are so used to having goals with a specific end-point. Better is not a specific end point. It is a shifting end-point. There is no competition with Habitual Excellence. We are only measured by who we were, what we did, and how we acted the year, week, day, second before as compared to who we are becoming. And, we get to try again, always.

Focal Shift: What we expect to see is what we end up seeing. And we look at the wrong things. We want to be successful but we identify our failures. If we look for problems then we will find them, in abundance. Our world is created by what we focus on, what we pay attention to. If we choose to experience a Focal Shift, we choose to create a different reality. If we focus on success we experience success. The more we look for what is right the more we see what is right in the world.

Conserving Resources: We can be conservationists of any resource. We have the power to redefine what is of use to us in our lives. We look at how quality is of greater value than quantity. We become grateful for what we have and creative in how to use it. We find inspiration in simplicity. We find ways to simplify, to make things elegant, and to serve multiple uses or one use exceptionally well. We conserve our energy by taking fewer steps. We reduce the superfluous and seek the core, the meaning, the heart of material and being.

Pulling Strings: We all feel pulled around at times, like someone else is in charge of what is happening. This usually happens when we are trying to work against the flow of life. This function is about stepping back, finding a way to be calm. When we find our center and our personal peace it is like we enter the eye of the storm. Everything spins around us but we can see the best path forward. When we are being our true, authentic self then we are in charge of our life. We can be in the right place at the right time more often, because we choose the times and places. We no longer must wait for opportunity to strike. We create the opportunity.

Psi-FitSo that’s it for today. I hope you found some of the information helpful. It would be great if you would zip over and give the Psi-Fit FB page a like. Comments and thoughts at either place are always welcome.

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