Expressions of me…

Would love to have you connect with me on Twitter and Facebook. I use those to provide updates on inspirations and places around the web where you can see some great flash pieces and works from the writing communities I am part of.

I have stories and other works available at Smashwords (with set your own price feature) and other major outlets. Hope you browse and enjoy.


Terminal on 101 Words


Compassion given to someone in their darkest hour becomes something more – something secret. Explore the devotion one person is willing to have for another in this dark snapshot of humanity. Consider this a crooked welcome sign hanging at the city limits of Riverside. Available at Smashwords, and other retailers.

Rex Baker is king of his world though he isn’t an adult by legal standards. Not that he cares much for the law. He has his own rules and they have kept him one step ahead of just about everyone in Riverside. Available at Smashwords, and other retailers.

The Snip and Clip killer is running amok in Riverside and a criminal mastermind has his assassin tying up loose ends. The question though is who will win this game in the end. Available at Smashwords, and other retailers.

Nothing like a cup of tea at the end of an evening. Just the warm up needed when your love is working overnight. The news blurbs about a serial killer running around Riverside can’t even break the calm. Available at Smashwords, and other retailers.

The constant muse of my life challenged me to write a story in a day and here it is.

Fletcher Callow has experienced more than his share of misery. He takes solace in detective novels and his personal perspective on Riverside. He desires to be the hero of his story and to kiss the girl in the end. The only question, is if she is real or a figment. Available at Smashwords, and other retailers.


A short story written and published in less than 8 hours.

The rich feast while the poor labor. The system allows the poor to workout for the rich. Being an upper means staying thin despite indulging. But the table is about to turn. Who will be able to handle the gain? Available at Smashwords, and other retailers.

A short story written and published in less than 8 hours.

My name is Josef Finch. Somehow I’ve shifted out of place and time. The last thing I remember is falling asleep in my St. Louis apartment. Now I’m being interrogated by German soldiers during WWII. Available at Smashwords, and other retailers.


Wander Cover

A compilation of poetry written over the years. There are a variety of ideas and themes. Available at Smashwords, and other retailers.


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